Preparing for AFM | Filmmaker’s Journal #11

Filmmaker's Journal #11

What I did to prepare for The American Film Market (AFM) and some important production elements one should focus on in making movies.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for AFM | Filmmaker’s Journal #11

  1. The information you have to share with my viewers and The Film Scene is priceless. I’ve shared your interest with my group and wonder if you can expound a bit on getting started with contacts as early as possible.

    Since having taken a transmedia class, I’ve decided to begin my quest with writing a couple or few books within a series, branching into transmedia, and utilizing this to gain a wider audience toward the film production. Sure the process is a bit more arduous than other ways, but I think the pay off will be better too.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi MJ,

      This comment got lost in the midst of lots of spam. I always think it to be a great idea to build an audience. When you have your own audience you have a lot of leverage in getting funding for a project. It takes a lot of work but is very much worth the effort. I will be transitioning the Filmmaker’s Journal over to another website/youtube channel that will be focusing heavily on film production, getting started making films and micro-budget filmmaking. I’ll post an update soon that will go into detail what the whole series will entail. I’ll make sure that building contacts is a part of the curriculum.

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