NAB 2013: Adobe Anywhere

Having been working in TV/Film for a number of years and encountering many different post-production environments I am always wowed by innovation that has potential of making my life easier.  I have always been an Adobe fan, working in versions dating back to 1998 and utilizing the power of Adobe all through college and on my first feature film and many of my short films, having to deal with the pluses that Adobe provides and the headaches in getting the software to where it is today.  I have also worked with Avid and Final Cut and wondered why Adobe didn’t take their lead an make a friendlier multi-user interface that would be ideal for use in a Television or Film environment where you may have multiple editors working on the same project.

Well, thank you to NAB 2013 and all the announcements that have happened, because that is now here.


Super excited with the new possibility that are arising and what this means for Adobe and for how it will find its way into regular use in Television and Film.

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