Must Watch for every Filmmaker – Chef’s Table – ROW (Recommendation of the Week)

Why every filmmaker should watch The Chef’s table on Netflix. I give my reasons as to why it is one of the most eye opening series in regards to the filmmaking process.

If you ever wanted to know how to be inspired to turn the filmmaking industry on it’s head, this is it.

The Chef’s Table (Season 1 Episode 1) teaser – available on Netflix now:

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2 thoughts on “Must Watch for every Filmmaker – Chef’s Table – ROW (Recommendation of the Week)

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    1. Thanks for the kind words on my website. I hesitated to approve this comment. As far as funding goes everyone who checks out the site proceed with caution. Do a google search and read reviews and if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

      I don’t want speak poorly of you Cary but a very quick google search brought up a lot of bad reviews and scam reports. Success in filmmaking is all about building quality relationships, working hard, and always trying to improve. I did not review the website much but it I would probably move past it rather quickly. The fundraising approach seemed a little shady. Is your IPO listed in any market? NASDAQ, DOW, etc.

      To Filmmakers, always have a contract, bring in a lawyer and meticulously review terms and never pay money in order to get it, that is the first sign of a scam. with the little I do know about stock trading, make sure they are in an actual stock trading market that your bank or another respected stock trading agency would buy. I’m pretty sure it takes a lot to actually go public on the actual stock markets.

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