Become An Insider

Become an Insider

The insider is a unique subscription I am providing that is kind of like a real world indie film school.  When I was in film school I learned a lot about how to make a studio film but most of what I learned in regards to low/micro-budget filmmaking came from lessons that were self taught as well as not having the studio financing to make a film.  By becoming an insider you will get to follow in detail my step by step process of making micro-budget films, running a small production company making a living doing what you love.  I will include my success and failures in order to give you a realistic view of what you can expect pursuing a career in the film industry.

Monthly Subscription

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6 Month Subscription

$24 (Save $6)
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Yearly Subscription

$45 (Save $15)
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What to expect as an insider.

  • Step by step screenwriting process
  • Distribution as a Phase 1 (Download the eBook Five Phases of Making Movies to read what I am talking about)
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Production Tips
  • Camera Tests
  • Post Production Process
  • and more.


Q. How is this different from the free content you post on YouTube?
A. The free content I post on YouTube is general tips that vary and are very dependent on what people are looking for.  The content available to Insiders is focused more on the information that you need to know when making a movie.  It will also be more in depth than what you will find in the content posted for free to YouTube.

Q. Why are you charging for the content?
A. I would love to be able to give all this content away for free but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to produce and it costs me money.  By charging for the content it allows me to create the content for you without wondering if I'll be able to keep the lights on.

Q. Why only $5 a month for a subscription?
A. I want to make the information I have learned as accessible as possible.  I feel $5 is a fair asking price that is more accessible to low/micro-budget filmmakers that won't take away from their efforts to produce content.

Q. Will you ever offer different tiers of membership?
A. Yes, most likely.  As of now I want to focus on making content available for everyone.  If the demand for more content is requested then I will look into how best to tier subscriptions in order to provide more content.

Q. How often will there be new content?
A. I will be doing my best to provide you with new content on daily, Monday - Friday.

Q. Will the content be Video, Audio or Text?
A. It will be a mixture of all three.  You will most likely have more audio and text with images than you will have video, but it will be a mixture of content.

Q. Why not use Patreon?
A. Patreon is a great tool, but I choose to provide this through my own website for a couple reasons. 1) It is more cost effective for me to host the content myself and 2) I have some big plans to help filmmakers out that the Patreon platform would not be able to support -- This is a natural step in being able to provide those services in the future.

Q. What is the big plans you are working on?
A. I can't say too much but if you are interested you can check out the website