Become a Great Filmmaker, No Excuses Version

Becoming a better filmmaker is achievable but takes a lot of hard work. Figuring out how to survive the effort it takes is the hardest part.

We bring up the question of doing something that you enjoy and pursuing your passions instead of watching them run off without you.

Watch the Red Giant Film by Seth Worley:

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I am a filmmaker with two feature films under my belt. My first feature, Bounty (2009), was a micro-budget western and was released by Barnholtz Entertainment and V.O.D. was handled by Lionsgate. It is available worldwide on Vimeo On Demand:

I was hired to direct my second feature, Turn Around Jake (2015), that was released by PureFlix Entertainment. It had stars such as Jen Liley (Esther, General Hospital) and Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs).

As a filmmaker it is my passion to share with you my success and failures so that you can learn and become a better filmmaker yourself. I make these videos on micro-budget filmmaking to not only help you but to also improve my craft.

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