Adobe CC – Television Workflow Tutorials

The new Adobe Creative Cloud release came late yesterday finally becoming available around 8:30pm PST releasing an onslaught of new programs that has many wondering how they can make use of everything available.  The new CC versions Adobe has released come with a whole bunch of new features that can be useful for the independent user all the way up to television production houses.  No longer does one need to scoff at Adobe Premiere being used for TV/Film jobs anymore and the seamless integration with After Effects and now even Cinema 4D will make workflows even that much better.

In the next few weeks I will put together some video tutorials — that’s right, you heard it, Video Tutorials — on how best to incorporate Adobe into your workflow for a multi-user environment.  It may have been cumbersome in the past but things are more streamlined now and is only going to get better.

Below is a break down of the tutorials I will cover, I will go in order of a typical workflow from start to finish of what I have found to be the most efficient.

Prelude CC:

  • Ingesting & Renaming Footage (Uses in the Field and in Post)

Premiere Pro CC:

  • Organizing Practices: How best to manage your media
  • Dailies Stacking & Syncing your footage
  • Creating Multi-Cam Source Clips
  • How Premiere Handles Multi-User environments & how to stay organized

If you have any specific things you want covered in the tutorials leave it in the comments below and I’ll see if I can included in the upcoming videos.

Stay tuned.

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